Woman are most of the time conscious with their health and figures. Every woman wants to stay in shape and not be ashamed of what they look like. Gaining weight can be so painful for women and losing some weight can be sa difficult for some when they are not athletic or loves eating what they want. They wouldn’t want their joe to be turned off with their shape.

Being fit and in shape is one goal that is always in women’s mind. Here are ways on how to keep a woman in shape.

  • Keep it up for at least 2 weeks

Start with an easy exercise routine for 2 weeks and then change it to a more complex one. You can keep up with this to avoid being bored with the routine that you are doing.

  • Never skip the after-work-out meal

After working out, you will need to refuel your body, boost your energy, muscle recovery and build leaner physical appearance with protein and carbohydrates within 30 minutes.

  • Do not aim for a specific weight

Put your range into losing about 5-10 pound in a certain time instead of having a specific weight target. Ranged goals are more realistic and boost your sense of accomplishment that encourages you to be more driven.

  • Peppermint on the go

Include peppermint in your snacks or drinks before working out. Peppermint is said to help boost oxygen to muscles and brain, relax muscles and lift up pain tolerance that leads to improved performance.

  • Perfect your position

Make sure you are in the proper position in doing your exercises to not waste all your effort. If you do it incorrectly, it will not be achieving all your goals no matter how hard you work out. You may also injure yourself with doing it improperly.

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