One of the methods of contraception is condoms which are protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies. It is 98% effective when properly used. However, men tend to make it less effective due to some common errors and mistakes they are doing. So when you are using condoms for birth control or for protection against STIs, always keep in mind these facts according to BuzzFeed:



  • It has to be worn all throughout the sex.

For the condom to be fully effective, you should wear it for the whole time even if you are also using another birth control. People should know that any skin-to-skin genital contact can already result to STIs. That’s why you need to wear it already at the beginning until you are finished.

  • In the inner and outer portion of the condom, add lube.
  • Keep away from oils and lotions having latex condoms.
  • Habitually examine the date of expiration.

According to Herbenick, most condoms last a few years but some of them have a shorter life due to added lubricants or spermicide.

  • Put the condom when you have an erection.

According to Kerner, this will make sure that the condom fits perfectly and stays in place during sex.

  • At the tip of the condom, always leave some room for the spillage.

Kerner also stated that the tip of the condom which holds the cum after your ejaculation is called reservoir. To have some room for it, make sure to always squeeze the tip of the condom when you put them on. Otherwise, spillage will not be prevented.



  • Put the condom properly.

If you put the condom where the rim is facing down (which should be facing up), it won’t most likely to be unscrew. Herbenick said that when that happens, just get a new one and take off the old one since someone could have pre-ejaculate on it.

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