Online shopping has become so rampant, threatening the dominance of physical stores. Some physical stores have embraced online shopping, making their own online shopping websites.

However, it is not always all positive when it comes to online shopping. Here are a few things you should consider when you are buying things on the internet:

When a deal is too good to be true, it probably is

Did you see a 명품 item priced at a ridiculously low price? Chances are it is a scam, made to lure people who easily fall to sales.

When buying a luxury item with a high discount, look for its reviews. If the web page where it is listed on do not have a review system, there probably is a good (or bad) reason why there is none. Maybe because the reviews are composed of unsatisfied customers.

Payment method should be safe

Since you are not paying in cash when buying in online stores, you should make sure that any credit card details you provide to a website are safe. Avoid paying using wire transfer or by sending cash, and use secured payment methods such as your credit card, bank or through PayPal.

Check the validity of the site

The website itself should be secured. One way of being safe in this area is dealing only with established online stores, such as A common scam that you should be aware of is some scammers are using website names with a barely noticeable misspelling intended to impersonate another online shopping website.

Meanwhile, if buying in a lesser-known website is unavoidable, search their site on the internet for reviews. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews by other people and make a decision from there.

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