Immigration is like a circus the outcome can be thrilling and exciting but during the process it requires extensive effort and work. I do agree with the thought that you find it satisfying when you manage to live to another country different exposure and new neighborhoods but before you can attain that dream you have to climb up to the mountain and I’m just saying loads of paper processing but I’m also referring to the cost that you have to spend. Like they said after a long journey of sacrifices there will always be a silver lining ahead and that’s your green card. The green card is your proof that you have been approved and a certified resident to whatever country that you have chosen to live permanently. It’s your rainbow after the storm or your biscuit because you have risk for it. Take note you can do it alone hiring an immigration lawyer will help you a lot with the processing. I will list down the benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer.

  • Preparing and Processing Immigrant Petitions.

They studied this, they graduated from an outstanding law schools and surely they are well experienced with this kind of matter. Dealing with applicant can be overwhelming and frustrating but because you decided to hire lawyers they will manage everything for you. They will handle your documentations to avoid mistakes and to prevent from having delays during the process.

  • Facing Consulate Interviews

Marriage based visa requires a consulate interviews to thoroughly discuss the documentations that you applied for. It’s the immigration lawyer’s obligation to educate and equips you with the oral skills on how you will answer the questions that will be interrogated to you.

  • Utter the facts that needs understanding

As an individual it your right to know the permits and regulations of a certain state/country with the existence of an immigration lawyer they will guide you with facts about the scope of your situation and how to permanently be a resident.

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