Are you a newbie?

Is your site on the top rank in the search engine? If not, you better improve your game in the online industry. Being one of the most visited sites has a lot of perks, and one thing of which is you can earn from your fame. 

One of the reasons why you’re not on the search engine rank is that you might have some trouble on your SEO. If yes, you can follow easy steps online to improve the search engine ranking of your site. Another thing you can also do is to use keyword finder tool. With the help of that tool, you can easily generate useful and appropriate keywords.

Are you an experienced website owner?

Do you earn enough money from the fame of your site? Or are you having some problems on how to monetize your website? Have no worries, we will give you these 8 Simple Steps on how you can earn form your website with Google AdSense.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising withGoogle AdSense

What are the odds in clicking Google Ads? You will earn from it.

  • Selling of Ad Space

            Try selling out some spaces in your site. Instead of just having some design on some portions of your site, why not try selling the space for some ads. You can always earn from it.

  • Affiliate Marketing

            This is another way to earn. You can always use your site as a landing site for affiliate marketing.

  • Donation Based Monetization

            If your site is having some financial problems in order to maintain it, you may ask some donations from your subscribers or members, but you must consider first the proper ways on how to do it.

  • Sell Your Own Products and/or Services

            If you have some products and/or services, use your own site to advertise and sell it.

  • Sponsored Content

            You can always put in your site a sponsored content. Of course, you will only do it as long as you are agreeable with the offer.

  • Selling Your Website

If ever you want to quit or end the site, you can always sell it for a price. At least, at the very end, you still earn from it. 

  • Website Membership.

You can try to ask for a membership fee in your site, especially when you are offering exclusive deals.

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