Amazon FBA is a viable opportunity to earn some extra bucks. Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is a program in which Amazon does all the shipping and handling so that you can just concentrate on finding profitable products and enhance your business. Here are the steps you need to follow to start selling with Amazon FBA.

Set up FBA seller account

  • From the footer in Amazon’s webpage, select “Sell on Amazon” from the column “Make Money with Us”.
  • Once you are redirected to Amazon Seller Central page, fill up basic details and choose an account type: professional (with subscription fee) or individual (without subscription fee).
  • Next you need to choose your niche under which you will categorize the products you plan to sell. You can choose the categories you are passionate about or maybe run a homegrown small-scale business.
  • Think of a suitable name for your business and look to promote it.

Research and source your products

  • Your next aim is to search for the most profitable products in your niche. Also search for Amazon Bestseller Rankings or BSR for the products in the niches you’ve narrowed down to. You need to check for fees, if any, are associated with a particular product.
  • Look up for wholesalers and manufacturers to source your products from.


Determine shipping costs for the products you plan to sell. You can have the products ship to your doorstep and then you ship to Amazon’s Fulfillment center, or you can directly do so from the distributor warehouse itself.

List your products

You need to prepare product listings on Amazon FBA so that once the shipped products reach Amazon FBA, they can start showing on Amazon marketplace.

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