Getting your colleagues or your boss gifts can be very challenging. For starters, you might not know some of these people on a personal level. So what gift can you give that doesn’t scream out that you’re a complete stranger to some?

Don’t worry. There are many gifts out there that can bring you closer to these people. Simple, elegant and useful gifts such as mugs, pillows, potted plants and pens are a few examples. But what’s meaningful about them is if they’ll use it at home or in the workplace.

If you’re thinking about getting everyone gifts at the office then you might want to think about these things below:


Give gifts that can be used. These include coffee tumblers, portable speakers or flash drives. People love receiving stuff that serves some kind of purpose. You can bet that your colleagues and bosses will enjoy gifts they can use over and over again.


Put a little personal note on your gifts by having them personalized. For instance, if you give out a coffee tumbler, why not have it designed to carry the receiver’s name? Or if you’re a company giving out pouches, why not have it printed with a small company logo? Not only are you able to keep a link between you and the person you’re giving a gift to, but you’re also able to market your company or yourself to them.


Don’t give out gifts that are obviously not aesthetically pleasing. Give simple, minimalistic designed gifts that make their homes or work desks look nice. Artsy gifts that are still well-appreciated by the eyes are also perfect.

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