Online gaming account scams and frauds are nothing uncommon. While online gaming is fun, you should also be alert about possible fraudulent activities on your gaming account. Nobody is telling you to stop gaming. It’s just that you need to be particular about certain safety tips for your Domino99 account to keep things safe on your front.

Count on reputed sites

There is no dearth of gaming sites today, thanks to the escalating popularity of virtual gaming in the digital age. But not all gaming portals would be equally compatible or safe for you. There are many scam gaming sites around. Thus, you should always be careful while creating your account on a gaming site. Make sure to take a comparative survey on at least 4-5 sites before creating your account. The one you choose should command a strong reputation in the market- backed by a long list of happy gamers.

Secure your account with tight password

You must be extremely particular about the security of your online gaming as well as store accounts. It’s because these accounts will need you to store your personal & financial details to certain extent. So, how to ensure optimum security for your accounts? Well, the first thing to note here is ultra-strong password. It should be a random long alpha-numeric code that must not bear any relation to your life, name, family, hobbies, work and so on. Do not use same password that has already been used somewhere else.

Two-factor authentication

If your gaming account allows, do implement 2-factor authentication. It will ensure an added layer of security for your gaming account.

Other safety tips

You must not share login details related to your gaming or store accounts with just anybody- no matter how close the person is to you. Finally, make sure to logout every time you log into your accounts.

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