What are condos?

Condominium, also known as condos, in short, are apartment like houses but are very different from apartments or flats. In an apartment, one does not have the ownership of the house and takes the house on lease from the owner, whereas this is not the case with condos. Condos are apartment like houses only, but they provide complete ownership of the house to the buyer. The house becomes the property of the buyer and one also owns the joint ownership of the commonly used services like stairways, walkways, parks, laundry rooms, elevators, etc.

What are the Benefits of owning a condo?

Condos are becoming very much popular in the real estate and a lot of people are investing in it. There are a lot of benefits of owning a condominium, such as-

  1. One can own a house in the main city and that too at an affordable price. The cost of the land is divided among all the flat owners, making it very cheap.
  2. Various services like parks, elevators, laundry room, swimming pool, etc. can also be enjoyed at a very cheap price as they are also jointly owned by all the flat owners.
  3. The house one buys is in new condition and the buildings are constructed recently.
  4. Security of the people is also managed as there are guards and CCTV.

Condos are becoming very much popular nowadays, and are the best option if one is planning to buys a cheap and best house. One should consider Riviere as it is located at the riverside of the Singapore River and is a very good option. Frasers is building riviere condo at jiak kim street in Singapore. The condo is situated in the heart of the city and also provides a great ambiance because of it being at the riverside.

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