Getting a Condominium unit is rather expensive. Apart from the monthly rent, you would also have to pay other fees like bills. Part of these bills include membership fees and maintenance fees. In the case of the latter, some people might find it a little bit too high. Good thing that condo units like piermont grand cdl ec sumang walk is not like this. If you want to know why your condo fee may be high, here are some of the reasons as to why this is so.

Condo Unit Size

The bigger your unit is, then the more you would have to pay. The fee is usually calculated according to the unit’s square-footage. Because of this, it is a better idea to get a condo according to what you really need. Make sure to not just go with your first option.

Condo Fee Inclusions

Some places already have basics like gas, water, and even electricity in the bills. Some newer units will leave the payment to the tenants, so that the get to pay only according to what they use. Membership fees are also part of the condo fee inclusions in some cases. If the fees are high and these are not included, then you might want to ask the owner and developer.

Age of the Building

Older condo units may exact higher fees from the tenants, simply because new projects may be on the way. These projects include replacement of elevators, boilers if applicable, and of course, the beautifying of the surroundings, like the hallways. Older units are also usually bigger, and hence, on top of the age, you will also have to pay because of the large size. Amenities of newer units may also cause the unit to be at a higher cost.

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