Gantt chart excel is a form of excel that which functions with the division of whole task into small tasks. The first task is the making of columns and rows according to the required number. Separate columns are made for the task numbers, starting date and days to complete which would constitute the first three columns to the right. The rows are made to number the tasks towards the down. The second part of the task is the insertion of bar into the chart. This is done by going to Insert button, then to select Insert Bar Chart from the charts group. The 2-D Stacked Bar or 3-D Stacked Bar need to be selected with respect to the requirement of the task in the gantt chart excel template. Hereby appears the Chart Area, a blank white page in the chart. 

How to create the graph chart in excel?

  • Right click anywhere on the page and select Select Data from the given options. Pop up a page from which has to click on Add button in the Legend Entries (Series).
  • From the Edit Series dialogue box appears, in order to fill the Series name, click on the Start Date column header from the spreadsheet. By then appears the chart in the blank white page. Remove the default data from the Series values in the dialogue box and select the rows of the Start Date columns and press OK to close the box. The chart will be automatically drawn in the page according to the command one gives.
  • Reappears the Select Data Source, Ok button has to be clicked. You can adjust the chart position in the excel in respect to the preference of the person doing keeping in mind the requirement of the task.
  • Anyway can right click anywhere inside the chart made and select Select Data Source to include more bar chart into the page in similar to the way Start Date is added.
  • By clicking on Add button, select the Days to complete column and remove the default Series values and select the rows of the Days to complete and press OK.
  • Coming back to Select Data Source, click the Edit button and select all the Task rows which would be showing in the Axis Labels and choose OK.

Now we have all the data, therefore close the Select Data Source by clicking OK. You can change the size of the gantt chart excel template in accordance to the need. Both colours are there in the bar graph to represent the Start Date as well as the Days to complete. The left side of the bar, that is the X axis of the graph consist of the Task numbers and Dates in the Y axis. In the similar way, any data can be made in the excel sheet incorporating the graph.

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