Physical education provides you with a lot of knowledge related to the physical body of a person. It tells us about the different aspects of our body, which affects our physical activities and performance. Physical education as a subject teaches about a lot of skill development which may be necessary for playing any particular sports or about some general physical activity. The subject also makes us aware of some preventive measures that are necessary while taking up any sports or physical activity.

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What aspects are covered in the Physical Education Subject?

Generally, physical education as a subject covers a lot of aspects, namely:

  • Teaches about the human body, its activities affect caused to the human body by the physical activities.
  • The common diseases which cause a loss in the physical performance of an individual.
  • About the components of physical fitness and also about yoga
  • Role of posture, discipline, coordination, leadership abilities in playing sports and physical performances.
  • About different sports and their role in providing physical strength and other physical and mental abilities.
  • About the banned substances and activities in sports competitions.
  • Makes us aware of the types of competitions in sports, about the fixtures in tournaments, its importance and the process of formation of a fixture.
  • The health conditions in women that affect their physical performance.
  • Also makes us aware of the leadership abilities and its importance.

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