If you are someone who is interested in Euro soccer, it is difficult not to be enticed by the German leagues. Bundesliga and Pokal are two of the most interesting soccer tournaments played in Europe where the wonderful German clubs compete against each other. You can login to their official websites or various other websites to know of the schedule and even watch live score.

One of the most prominent teams playing for Germany is Bayern Munich, which is considered a top team in Euro soccer. They are a winning team and either win or score a good position in the German leagues. However there is an emerging team of winners that seems to be posing a tough competition to Bayern Munich. It is RB Leipzig who always put up a tough fight against opponents in matches and is considered a rising star in German football.

Is Leipzig making things difficult for Bayern?

In all probabilities, it is indeed. Leipzig is a team of talented and aggressive players who have quickly made a way into people’s hearts. Even the vice-captain of Bayern Munich agrees to that. He considers Leipzig a good team to play against and says that they are in a very good form.

Even in the Bundesliga finals, Leipzig put up a good fight against Bayern. RB Leipzig is innovative in their approach and has a younger average team age than that of Bayern. Their game on the field is meticulous, it is amazing to see how flawless their planning and execution on the field is. Bayern has been an old champion, but the enthusiasm in the Leipzig camp is proof of how quickly they have bridged the gap. If the current energy and performance of the Leipzig team continues to be on the rise, they sure have a bright future ahead in the football league.

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