Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that lets the person ingesting it in any form to reach a state of heightened concentration of the senses and provide a boost to understanding. This is not the case with everyone but it does have some good effect on the person for a short time. But involving the same in spirituality is a major thing that has to be understood by looking at different religions. To get deal on the effects of the person’s mind when high, it is required to analyze it in many ways.

Different arguments on the use of marijuana on spirituality

  1. In Hindu mythology, the use of marijuana is associated with Lord Shiva and even now some followers smoke it to stay in a high state where they define is closer to god. But this cannot be confirmed with any logic or science.
  2. The use of cannabis has a lot of positives to it to an extent it can be called a wonder plant for medicinal purposes. But there are downsides to it that people who smoke it do not consider. So in the long run, cannabis smoking is not good for the body generally or also spiritually.
  3. Marijuana calms the mind and makes it numb blocking all the feelings that are supposed to be let out. So this temporary calmness caused by the drug is not a solution that removes the problems and leads down the spiritual path. To get deal, the drug causes a calmness that is mistaken for meditation.

Some people might argue on the benefits of marijuana spiritually in addition to the other effects it provides while others will not support the decision and talk about the negative effects it has on spirituality. But all of this depends on the definition of spirituality they have. To get deal, on the actual answer, it is not so easy to decide on one.

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