Cannabis industry is in a booming state of late, especially due to increasing legalization of marijuana. As per the reports of BLS, cannabis industry would create nearly 1 million jobs within the final quarter of 2020. A bustling cannabis industry has led to a positive growth in the retail sector as well. If you are asking where to buy weed online, there are scores of websites to choose from. And that means excellent job opportunities for those looking for a career in the cannabis retail industry. The post below offers a brief on the major qualifications required to find job in cannabis retail industry.

Strong knowledge on cannabis

Solid industry knowledge is one of most after points while hiring a job applicant, regardless of industry. It’s the same with cannabis industry as well. Your potential employer here is in quest of a candidate who holds extensive knowledge about cannabis, its benefits, effects, uses and the industry overall. It would be good to educate yourself on the various popular strains, their characteristics, cultivation, testing and other related aspects. Alongside, you should learn about the legal aspects and regulations regarding cannabis sale.

Dedication and passion for the industry

Although cannabis use is nothing new, a formal retail structure for marijuana industry is still in its nascent stage. Thus, retail employers are looking for dedicated candidates who are ready to help them scale up their stores from scratch. And that would mean working real hard and that may extend to longer overtimes at times.

Professional versatility

Professional versatility is also a sought-after asset here from the prospective job candidates. As the cannabis retail stores are still in their formative stage, they can’t afford to hire individual professionals for each department- like HR, marketing, customer service etc. Thus, they want professionally versatile candidates who can perform multiple roles seamlessly.

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