Are you on plans for cosmetic surgery in calgary?  Now, plastic surgery is no doubt great to improve physical appearance and leverage your glam quotient. But it may lead to some dangerous consequences as well. If you are looking forward to go under the knife, there are some points to be careful about.

Unwanted beauty botches

Plastic surgery tampers body’s balance. And whenever it happens, the body tends to react. For example, liposuction may be great to slim down one problem region but it may create other problem areas as well. When a person sucks out fat (through liposuction) from lower abdomen and thighs, it destroys the fat cells there. But when she puts on weight later, it results in an uneven distribution and unflattering results.

Depression from surgery stress

Plastic surgery is usually emotionally taxing. The very feel of doing something permanent to the body may leave people in anxiety and stress. Most of the people who plan to undergo plastic surgery are usually in the constant dilemma of “to do or not to do”. It eventually leads to depression and insomnia. Moreover, the post-surgery period can be painful in certain cases. Physical pain can also trigger stress.

Not all plastic surgeons can be trusted

This is one point that every person aspiring for plastic surgery should be careful about. There is no dearth of plastic surgeons today but not all can be trusted. In fact, there are many dentists and gynecologists who claim to perform plastic surgeries. You should not trust a plastic surgeon unless s/he is a board certified plastic surgeon.

Peer pressure

It can’t be denied that people get influenced and affected by what others say about them. Sometimes,  a woman’s attempt to attain a youthful look through plastic surgery may not be taken lightly by her peers. It’s especially the case with matured women.

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