They say music is a universal language. Wherever corner you are in this world, chances are you listen and enjoy listening to songs, whatever genre it may be. There are times when you hear song that you just want to share with others, and one way to you can do that is through a lyric video.

In a lyric video, the song’s lyrics is displayed in time to the music, often in an ambient of colored background. These videos are useful for those who want to listen to music and sing along with the lyrics. Before lyric videos, people used to do this through lyric sheets included inside the cd or cassette package.

Making a lyrics video is easier than it seems, and you don’t have to rely on cheap lyric video service to make one. Here are a few starters on how to make your own lyrics video:

Use any movie-making software in your computer

You don’t need to have an intricate or expensive movie-making program to pull off making a lyric video. You can use any basic movie-making program your computer has built-in, and chances are it has one.

Mind the aspect ratio

The most common aspect ratio being used in online videos is 16:9. Set your video project to that aspect ratio before you start your work. You can try experimenting with different aspect ratios that are starting to become popular with the recent changes in mobile phone screens, but for simplicity, it’s still best to stick with what’s proven to be effective.

Make use of different media for your video

Import your song or music and other media that will serve as the background. Use the movie-making software’s title feature to insert the lyrics in time with the song. If you want to start the video with the song’s title, you can do so by typing it in at the very start of the video.

Use clear and appropriate font style and color

Make sure the font style and color you will use will be readable in terms of size and in relation to the chosen background. Choose a color that perfectly compliments to accent color of your background.

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