Knitting and crocheting are the two forms of art that have been confused about by a lot of people. While crocheting has been more popular than knitting, there are big differences between the two. In terms of tools and methods used in the process, knitting and crocheting are far different from most of people know. This article is designed to go through the differences between knitting and crocheting. Read on and unravel crocheting and knitting and know how they differ from one another.

Differences in Tools

In terms of efficiency, crochet tools are far better than knitting. One Haaknaalden set is enough for you to be able to do your crochet projects. Usually, one set already comes with different sizes of hook. This allows you to work with multiple projects at a time. On the other hand, knitting tools are not interchangeably. If you are working on a particular project in knitting, you will need a specific size and type of needle for a specific project. In addition, knitting technique needed in the pattern influence the type and size of needles required. It could be doubled pointed, circular or straight. Further more, crochet tools are cheaper than knitting tools.

Differences in Methods

The concepts and techniques of crochet are way more accessible than in knitting. Knitting projects solely depend on needles, but crochet projects do not which makes it easier to work with than knitting. Knitting methods are quite complicated. On the other hand, crochet stitches are simply looped into the piece. You don’t have to transfer stitches from one hook to another. If you want to stop your work, you juts have to remove the hook and take a locking stitch market and point it into the last loop and you’re ready to go.

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