A new dawn had arrived in the most-beloved battle royale game Player Unknown’s Battle Ground as its sixth season had already ended. Season seven has been on full effect on the game since the 17th of May (version 0.12.5), yet some players are still oblivious to those changes. Well, for those who are still not informed of the new things, or just only new to the game, then here’s a rundown for you.

Visual Changes On The Game

Well, surely players will notice the changes right away, especially on the avatar frames that they have already unlocked. Also, a new weapon, Skorpion, is added to the vast weapon roster currently in the game. What kind of weapon is this you may ask? Well, imagine this as the Czech version of the Micro Uzi.

Other notable changes include a new cosmetic item for players in the form of a new mustache, flight trails, and new parachute trail rewards.

New skins for weapons, helmets and level 1 backpack are also added too to give that variety that most players asked for. Also, with regards to the Season 7 Royal Pass, the Elite Upgrade will cost 600 Unknown Cash (In-game currency). The Elite Upgrade Plus tier can be availed for 1,800 Unknown Cash.

Other Game Changes

Other changes are also added to improve the game further. Such improvements are:

  • In-game subscription feature has been tuned.
  • Audio changes to reduce interruptions.
  • Shops are more accessible to navigate due to the inclusion of the category tab.
  • Players who will purchase the royale pass will get 100 PR pints, as well as two new exclusive costumes after reaching level 100 in the Royale Pass.
  • New servers and other game improvements.


Admittedly, this new update will give more flavor the game’s already exciting gameplay. Well, for those who still use pubg aimbot, your days are already numbered, for further changes will be developed to eradicate these hacks and cheats.

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