You will find a great number of bodybuilding supplements in the market, and you will also find many fake supplements. It is better to take your time while selecting genuine supplements as many suppliers sell fake supplements by making the guarantee that it is the real one. People nowadays are more interested in bodybuilding and thus need to consume the good supplement like testogen and you must check out the reviews on testogen before consuming.

Let us know some of the tips that help us to identify that bodybuilding supplements are genuine ones or fake ones which are as follows:- 

  • Check hologram

You need to check the brand’s hologram to identify the supplement is genuine or fake. Fake supplements can be defined as the hologram of a brand cannot be replicated.

  • Verify the barcode

You can check the barcode of the supplement by your phone as they provide the facility to read the barcodes and the QR codes. As the original barcode will lead you to the brand’s websites and the fake one will not.

  • Ensure the packaging of the supplement

The fake supplements would surely have some spelling mistakes, font problems, and it can be possible that it has some wrong nutritional information too.

  • Check the seal of the box

The seal of the box will help you to know that it is fake or real as if the seal looks weird or is in bad quality, then it is undoubtedly the fake one.

  • Check the quality of powder

If the spoonful of the powder gets dissolved in water at the room temperature, then it is the real one as the fake supplement would not get fully dissolves.

Lastly, check out the tips mentioned above will help you to know that bodybuilding supplement is real or a fake one.

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