Working with heat transfer vinyl requires accuracy. It is a hard feeling to see a project that you worked hard on to be redone because of the inaccuracy in terms or sizes or decal placement. As such, one of the commonly asked questions that people ask in working a project that require heat transfer vinyl is to be able to learn where exactly and accurately to put the decal on a shirt. Answer to this question will help you to, for instance, find the correct placement of the pocket logo and to know how far going down from the shirt’s neckline to the centered decal should start. To help you, get deal and learn these easy steps.

The very first thing that you need to do to achieve accuracy in the shirt you are working on is to locate the shirt’s center part for decal placement. To do it faster, fold the shirt in a lengthwise division to align the seams of the shoulder at the neck and make sure that the hem bottom is also aligned. Next, halfly fold the shirt and carefully press it with a heat press or iron to make the two creases. This will allow you to locate the accurate center of your shirt and transfer.

When it comes to finding the recommended HTV Decal sizing, consider all the factors but be reminded that mostly, it depends on the size of the shirt that you are working on. But in general, decals size for children is usually 3×3, 4×4 for adults and various sizes for XXL, and XL shirt size.

Generally, there is one golden rule when it comes to heat transfer vinyl – always measure twice and press once only. Ensuring the exact measure and size of the size and locating the exact center of the shirt will allow you to have a successful project.

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