Do you know Instagram Stories draw 2 to 3 times more engagement compared to regular posts? You may be contemplating to buy instagram comments to make your posts popular. But if you want to enhance the visibility of your profile, you should stress more on Instagram Stories. However, a lot of people seem to be confused about the contents to display on the Story. Well, no worries- the post below offers some tips for killer contents for Instagram Stories.

Attractive scroll-stopping visuals

You can put both text and images on Instagram Story. But when it comes to grabbing attention at jet speed, visuals are always more effective than text. So, count on visuals, specifically, eye-grabbing scroll-stopping visuals. Post visuals that will make people to stop at your Story and actually watch it. Post a GIF or Boomerang photos as moving photos are catchier than static images. A fast series of images will also be great here. But make sure the visual duly complements your brand and target niche.

Post discounts and special offers

Discounts and special deals are always amazing show-stoppers. You can use the Instagram Story to announce your upcoming sale. Post the promo code on the Story itself. If possible, offer a special rebate especially for Instagrammers to grab attention of Instagram users. It will render an air of exclusivity to your Story and make your Instagram viewers feel special. Don’t forget to mention a CTA that will take viewers straight to the coupon page where they can post the code to claim the offer immediately.

Post questions

Questions are a wonderful way to drive active engagement from viewers. You can ask questions about your users’ views on your service or upcoming collection. If it’s something about a latest collection, be sure to include pictures of the new products as well.

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