Brawl Stars is one of the most happening games today. It is a freemium mobile game that is accessible across Android and iOS devices. Developed and released by Supercell, Brawl Stars has already caught the fancy of several people. So much so that this game saw 75 million downloads in the first 90 days of its release! Now there must be something really interesting about this game which makes it so popular among all age groups.

What is Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a freemium MOBA or multiplayer mobile arena fighter game. The fighters here are referred to as brawlers. There are 23 types of brawlers that the players can choose from and each brawler comes with its special abilities. The main attraction of Brawl Stars is its amazing reward system, making this game even more interesting.

How does Brawl Stars blend Battle Royale and Dota 2?

Brawl Stars has various game modes. A player can choose to play in any of the game mode he/she wants to. In every game mode, the player gets to win rewards on completing certain events. These further enable the player to upgrade as he moves up in the game. Just like Dota 2, Brawl Stars is also a MOBA. Among the various game modes it has to offer, the Battle Royale mode is one of the most loved. This mode gives a fantastic MOBA feel while playing. This Battle Royale mode is known as the Showdown mode which is simple, fast and fun to play. Gem Grab is another interesting game mode in Brawl Stars in which brawlers need to win 10 gems to win. These modes are easy but really fun to play.

Some players prefer using Brawl Stars hack tool to unlock rewards free of cost. However playing and completing events to win rewards is also a definite pleasure.

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