Comparative Study Between Android And Windows Mobile Development Platforms

This is a comparative study between Android and Windows Mobile Development platforms. It is important for an aspiring Android or Windows mobile developer to keep the below study in mind.

Android Mobile Development Platform:

·      Google Android is an open source mobile operating system.

·      It is based on the Linux kernel.

·      Developers code in Java using Java libraries developed by Google.

·      The platform consists of the mobile OS itself as well as a custom-built virtual machine called the Dalvik Virtual Machine. DVM also acts as the middleware between code and the os.

·      Android provides 2D and 3D graphic libraries.

·      There is also a customized SQL engine for continuous and persistent storage as well as advanced network capabilities such as3G, 4G and WLAN.

·      Eclipse and Intel IDEA are the development tools for Android.

·      The most popular IDE for Android development is Android Studio, but since Android is open-sourced, one can use apk transferer and other development tools as mentioned in the previous point.

·      Android app development requires many lines of code as compared to other mobile development platforms.

Windows Mobile Development Platform:

·      Windows as a mobile OS supports functionalities like networking, sensors and camera integration.

·      Developers for Windows write their code in Microsoft .Net language, and those that are available for use with .NET, for instance, C#.

·      Two programming platforms are popularly used – Silverlight and XNA. Silverlight, which is an evolution of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), enables developers to create sophisticated user interfaces. On the other hand, XNA is Microsoft’s game platform and supports both 2D and 3D graphics.

·      Programming for Windows mobile applications is done in the Visual Studio IDE, its editions ranging from the free version to the Ultimate version.

Major Health Benefits Of Being In A Sport Fandom

What is sport fandom?

Most of us have a certain love for some sports like football, cricket, boxing etc. When such a group of people come together who share interests of the same kind of sports form a fandom. Now being in fandom has its benefits and perks. In today’s digital world connecting and being a part of fandom is much easily available. Sports fandom promotes the interests of the respective, keeping updated and providing merchandise etc. Now the major benefit it provides is a health benefit. 

As quoted “Sport is one of the few spaces where people learn about diversity in a spirit of friendship.”

Mental Health:

Though the fact of mental health is still neglected in some parts of the world, it’s a major and very important aspect in today’s competitive world. Being a part of such fandom where one can describe and share same interests boosts happiness and understanding. It helps to fight depression, anxiety which are big threats to one’s mental health.

It also encourages social skills by interacting with different individuals boosting friendship. It’s a great platform for an introvert.

Encouraging Physical Activity:

Watching a particular sport which you are a fan of and discussing the aftermath of the game can boost one to play that particular sport which in order bounds them to keep a healthy diet, follow disciplined life and join such sport to excel in that field. Physical health is equally necessary as mental health to lead a healthy life.

A sports fandom can be formed anywhere through a physical meeting of people forming a committee, through the internet, for example, Facebook, Instagram etc. Sports fandom generates knowledge among people creating awareness of the various variety of sports, encouraging health, brotherhood. It keeps one form developing any heart diseases leading a long and happy life. For online gaming pleasure, you can try PokerQQ.

Is Investing In College Is A Ethical Idea?

College education plays a very important role in a student lives. After completion of schooling, college degree is the next step and it is extremely formidable. For the need of career satisfaction, financial stability and outside success, an individual should require advance education. It is not easy to select a college degree in today’s competitive world.

Inclusion to earn more money, earning a college degree leads to more secure career. There are a lot of benefits for getting college degree such as college degree can boost you financially. A study has shown that over 60% of students are working after bachelor degree and 80% of people are working after post graduation.

According to The Canadian Business Journal, college degree also boost your happiness and makes you active and makes you a better citizen.

Investment in college education- inexpedient or beneficial?

Owning a college degree is always beneficial for both an individual as well as for the society. It will help you to earn more money and to live a better lifestyle. College graduates have big salaries, high employment and development rates as compare to high school graduates. Having a college degree is worth because in most of the competitive jobs, a college degree is must.

A student must experience the fun, enjoyment and other activities in college. College environment is totally new here you can spend time with other students who have same interest as yours. Every student has different reason to earn college degree. Such as some student go for pleasure, some are forced by family and other brilliant students goes for attracting higher education.

Lastly saying,

If you want to become independent and successful, then you must gross college degree for better improvement, development and gives you ability to weather adversity.

4 Tips For Online Gamers To Keep Gaming Account Safe

Online gaming account scams and frauds are nothing uncommon. While online gaming is fun, you should also be alert about possible fraudulent activities on your gaming account. Nobody is telling you to stop gaming. It’s just that you need to be particular about certain safety tips for your Domino99 account to keep things safe on your front.

Count on reputed sites

There is no dearth of gaming sites today, thanks to the escalating popularity of virtual gaming in the digital age. But not all gaming portals would be equally compatible or safe for you. There are many scam gaming sites around. Thus, you should always be careful while creating your account on a gaming site. Make sure to take a comparative survey on at least 4-5 sites before creating your account. The one you choose should command a strong reputation in the market- backed by a long list of happy gamers.

Secure your account with tight password

You must be extremely particular about the security of your online gaming as well as store accounts. It’s because these accounts will need you to store your personal & financial details to certain extent. So, how to ensure optimum security for your accounts? Well, the first thing to note here is ultra-strong password. It should be a random long alpha-numeric code that must not bear any relation to your life, name, family, hobbies, work and so on. Do not use same password that has already been used somewhere else.

Two-factor authentication

If your gaming account allows, do implement 2-factor authentication. It will ensure an added layer of security for your gaming account.

Other safety tips

You must not share login details related to your gaming or store accounts with just anybody- no matter how close the person is to you. Finally, make sure to logout every time you log into your accounts.

Is Your Child Spending A Lot Of Time Playing Games Online? Check Out Our Safety Tips

Online gaming trend is being increasing days by days. There are millions of players who are playing games online and just wasting their time. However on one side, these online games improve the thinking skills of your child by proving the feature to play with other users also which build teamwork and competitive skills in your child. However, the same as the coins have two sides the same goes here. Interacting with other users also has a minus point. Also, some people tend to waste their time and money over gambling sites such as .

However, if your child also remains online always while playing the game, then you need to have a glance over these points mentioned below.

  • Some gaming content may not be appropriate for your child. Therefore, you should check the age rating of the games that your children are playing.
  • These days cyberbullying has become one of the most raising issues on the internet today. Therefore, you should teach your child how to deal with it. Such as you can mute the players or you can block them which will prevent them from contacting your child again.
  • Always teach your child to not share their personal information on their bio such as their contact number etc. in their bio or message with anyone.
  • Check out what kind of game your child is downloading from the internet. Is that game appropriate for your child or not. If not then you can delete that game and tell your child not to download that types of the game again.

By following these tips, you can make sure that your child is playing games safely on the internet.

As a parent, if you have aced up these tips then don’t worry online gaming is entirely safe for your child.

Top 4 Benefits Of App Store Optimization

Business apps are a must for every business in the modern digital age. It’s even important for those who already have a mobile website. With a mobile website, one has to get url and search for it in the search engine to get access to the website. But apps assures a more convenient access to your store in just a few taps. However, having an app not enough. You must ensure App Store Optimization for your app. The post below offers a brief on the benefits of app store optimization for your business.

Easy discoverability

The app stores are bustling with millions of apps. A new app will have serious challenge to make its place among the hundreds and thousands of existing apps. But if your app is App Store Optimized, then it will easily come up on top of search results whenever a person will make a search with your industry-related keyword on the app store.

Exposure before relevant niche

If your app is App Store Optimized, the store search engines will bring up your app whenever a person makes a search with keywords related to your industry. If a person is using search terms related to your business, it implies s/he is in search of your products or services. This way, a proper ASO will ensure your app gets exposed to the right kind of audience.

Organic installs

As ASO ensures you app is brought to your relevant niche, it will further help you with a huge volume of organic downloads and installs of your app. If a person is looking for goods or services your app sells and if he gets your app in the first place- he is likely to download it organically.

More downloads

Large volume of organic downloads will make your app popular in app store. It will prompt further downloads from other visitors at the app store.


Why Project Managers Important In Construction?

According to professionals, the project manager is fairly quite important in every project. Majority of the companies are finding the manager with proper experience, skills, and other things. If you don’t have to manage properly, then it will create a lot of problems. In order to run a successful project, a user should hire a project manager that is quite important for you. By visiting on, one will able to hire a certified or skilled project manager. Make sure that the manager is respectful of the deadlines. A professional will able to check the building material carefully. 

If you don’t want to face any complicated problem related to construction in the future, a user should hire a genuine project manager carefully. A professional will able to manage the project without any problem. Following are the important reasons why project management is important in construction projects.

  • Save time and money

Nothing is better than a project manager because they will able to save a lot of money and time without any problem. If you don’t want to spend unnecessary time on a particular project user should opt for a certified manager who will handle the project effectively. It has become quite important for those who want to earn a lot of profit in the business.

  • Leadership skills

According to professionals, project management is quite important that is directly interlinked with leadership. All you need to lead the project by giving directions to the employees. Try to create a fantastic team who will able to complete the project in a given time.

Moreover, the project manager considered an integral part of every team who always focus on the objectives and goals of the company. He will be surely able to create a proper plan that would be reliable for the company.

Don’t Waste Your Time, Play Online Games

With technology becoming more and more advanced, most people like to stream over the web doing various things. Playing games online has become the first favorite thing of the people. Whether you are a kid, teenager or adult, 그래프게임 has a lot to offer to you and make you feel enjoyed.There are many categories’ available these in online gaming such as arcade, adventure, role casino, strategy games, etc. It has been so simpler that anyone can play the games and can explore the gaming world.

Although there is a misconception in the mind of most of the people that these games are very addictive, but that’s not true because we know anything in excess is very harmful. But if played in limit there are a lot of benefits that you get. Let’s discuss some of the benefits.

Benefits of online gaming

  • Researchers have shown that playing a game is the most effective way to relax your brain. You can play these games during a break or after a long tiring day. You will instantly feel boost up.
  • It improves your problem-solving skills as these games have some rules which mean that before any move the player will have to think about the guidelines. And will make sure to stay within the instructions of the game.
  • It improves your learning power along with enjoyment. The proper use of tactics increases one’s mental awareness.
  • Playing these games boost up the curiously of the players which are today known to be an essential factor in brain development.
  • Also with the additional feature of social interaction, it helps the players to meet and connect with new people and makes your experience more enjoyable.

The fastest growing online platform helps the users to play free games online with so many options to choose from.

Corporate Gift Tips – 3 Things You Should Consider

Getting your colleagues or your boss gifts can be very challenging. For starters, you might not know some of these people on a personal level. So what gift can you give that doesn’t scream out that you’re a complete stranger to some?

Don’t worry. There are many gifts out there that can bring you closer to these people. Simple, elegant and useful gifts such as mugs, pillows, potted plants and pens are a few examples. But what’s meaningful about them is if they’ll use it at home or in the workplace.

If you’re thinking about getting everyone gifts at the office then you might want to think about these things below:


Give gifts that can be used. These include coffee tumblers, portable speakers or flash drives. People love receiving stuff that serves some kind of purpose. You can bet that your colleagues and bosses will enjoy gifts they can use over and over again.


Put a little personal note on your gifts by having them personalized. For instance, if you give out a coffee tumbler, why not have it designed to carry the receiver’s name? Or if you’re a company giving out pouches, why not have it printed with a small company logo? Not only are you able to keep a link between you and the person you’re giving a gift to, but you’re also able to market your company or yourself to them.


Don’t give out gifts that are obviously not aesthetically pleasing. Give simple, minimalistic designed gifts that make their homes or work desks look nice. Artsy gifts that are still well-appreciated by the eyes are also perfect.

If you’re looking for such items, check out where they offer a wide selection of corporate gifts for every business. They have gadgets, accessories and even small gifts to suit all your needs.

Knowing The Benefits Of Renting A Photo Booth At Your Event

One of the most exciting parts of life are planning a party and being in a party amidst the mundane, stressful and competitive lifestyle that we undergo every single day. At a certain point of our lives, we just don’t want to the same old boring routine right? Counting down the days on a calendar; frantically waiting for the day to celebrate your years of existence, anniversary and other special occasions. Going back to planning parties, what makes the party more edgy? One is music, booze, costumes and photo booth.

Photo Booth is not something unusual when it comes to party props, it has been a popular entertainment for special occasions internationally including Mississauga. Photobooth Mississauga has been pulling off this business for years and it’s one of the best sources of income in this era. Let’s know the good points of renting a photo booth at your events.

  1. Not so pricey. Renting for a photo booth isn’t that expensive, it is worth the penny to create an enjoyable party for the gang. Everyone wants something to do in the middle of an event and taking pictures with friends, family or with partners will help spice up the game.
  2. It is effortless. Especially on wedding events, you will get busy when it comes to entertaining guests and keeping up with program throughout the event. With the help of videographers and photographers your wedding will be kept as your memory lane of the next chapter of your life. In this modern era, couples usually hire photo booth corner for events such as reception party
  3. It will suit any occasions. It is fascinating to witness how progressively technology can be overwhelming and because of it we are introduced by variety of entertainments. Photo booth will blend perfectly in different events such Corporate Christmas parties, birthdays, wedding and a lot more.