How to Maintain Endurance Body Easily

Health is a very valuable asset for the future. Maintaining body endurance should always be applied early on. Especially today where the outbreak of the Corona virus is rampant in almost every country. Health protocols should always be an ingredient of everyone’s attention in order to keep themselves from contracting against harmful viruses. With a good body resistance, then your body will have a shield that can protect against the attack of viruses, germs, or bacteria that carries the disease.

When the body is already infected, you will have a hard time to do the usual activities and everything you do is uncomfortable. Even eating also feels difficult. So, your work will be delayed by falling ill. Not to mention if you have to be rushed to the hospital. Surely you have to spend not a small fee. Therefore, it is important to start from now on to maintain and care for your own body to always be healthy and fit all the time.

The importance of immune endurance

Endurance is the body’s ability to resist any type of germs that will fit into the body. When the endurance of your body is in good condition, then your body will always be healthy. Meanwhile, if your body’s endurance condition is declining, viruses, bacteria and germs will easily fit into the body. And you will be easily attacked by disease. That way, keeping your body endurance should always be your top priority.

It is known that the immune system consists of cells, proteins, tissues, and special organs. And in general, this immune system will work really well to maintain your health and prevent infection. The presence of endurance serves to protect your body from the presence of pathogens, viruses, or bacteria. Then, the presence of endurance also helps in clearing the cells of the body damaged or in unhealthy conditions.

In addition, endurance will also safeguard your body from the presence of foreign particles around you. For example such as dust and pollution. Especially for those of you who daily activities outdoors and must take public transportation or riding a motorcycle. So, always be careful of the vehicle smoke or other pollution.

How to keep your body resistant to prevent pain

Illness may arise at any time. The unhealthy lifestyle, the changing seasons such as the rainy season where the virus will easily survive in the air for a long time during the season, and no exception for you that every day is always active for activity. Then it’s mandatory to keep your body endurance.

1. Sufficient adequate resting needs

It is very important to keep your body’s endurance with rest. You can’t force the body to continue working like a robot in order to pursue the target of the job. If you continue to force yourself, your work performance will also decrease. However, when you take the time to rest enough, then your body will return to fit and the mind will be clearer. So, you can work better again.

But unfortunately, not many people know about enough sleep time. While sleeping time has been grouped by age. For those of you who are in the category of young adults with the age of 18-25 years need to rest 7-9 hours, the category of adults aged 26-64 years need to rest 7-9 hours, and elderly category of 65 years and above need to rest 7-8 hours every day.

2. Regular routine sportswear

How to keep your body endurance by exercising this routine lest you miss it. Take a moment in between your busy life to move your body and produce sweat to remove toxins in the body along with sweat. You don’t have to do any heavy sports. Lots of light workouts but still make your body feel fit.

Such as jogging, cycling in the morning or evening, and swimming. Because with exercise, not only make fit, but also able to improve your immune system and can fight every disease that comes. Meanwhile, people who are more to laze, then are known to make the person prone to flu and other diseases.

3. Adequate body fluids need sufficient drinking

Lack of bodily fluids will potentially make you dehydrated. When dehydration is attacked, the disorders of the body also occur, such as lethargic, headache, and impaired bodily functions. That way, your body will become vulnerable to illness. The majority of your body is composed of liquids. Therefore, the way to maintain the endurance by drinking water regularly is very important to be fulfilled every day. Try to travel, whether you are in school, office, or walking, always carrying a bottle of water. So, at any time you can drink to fill your body fluids.

4. Consuming food intake meal healthy food

How to maintain the body’s endurance to always be healthy is to pay attention to the food intake you consume. Considering today a lot of fast food or fastfood, where many are given additional sweetener made and high salt that is not good for your health. The risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease may arise if they often consume fast food. So, you need to limit it.

Your body needs a balanced nutritional intake. Because when you eat, not only to relieve hunger, but also complete all types of nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. If all the nutrients are complete and fulfilled, then the food you eat can be called as an ideal food and this is how to maintain good and correct endurance. Especially in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic that requires you to always pay attention to diet, especially meet the needs of vitamin C that is important to keep your immune.

5. Not to avoid smoking

Based on research, it is known that the immune system in a smoker can be weak because the bacteria that are in the mouth can reproduce and colonization well in places containing cigarette smoke. So, as a way to keep your body endurance from the presence of the disease, try not to smoke. That way, you have loved your own body by not causing illness from the deeds you do.

Thus, given how important health can make you more comfortable in the activity, then how to keep the body endurance should always be well considered. So, you can enjoy your life with happiness with a healthy body.

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